Do I have to pay for a quotation from LV Shade & Shutters?

No, all quotes are completely free and with no obligation.

Will the installed shade sails be waterproof?

Regular shade sail is not completely waterproof, however we can provide a completely waterproof shade sail solution.

What is the shade cloth's UV rating?

Depending on the colour, the percentage rate varies from 88.2% - 96.9%

Do I need council approval to install a shade sail?

In most cases no, you don't need council approval. In some cases approval is necessary, however LV Shade & Shutters can handle all this for you.

Do you offer a warranty for shade sails?

Once a shade sail has been installed by LV Shade & Shutters, you will receive 10 years uv degradation warranty on the shade cloth and 7 year steel fabrication warranty.

All warranties are under normal conditions , if you receive damage to your shade sail during a storm , this will then fall under storm damage on your home insurance . We do recommend sails be taken down if you have warnings of a heavy storm to avoid damage.

What steel is used in shade sail posts?

All of our fixings are marine grade stainless steel (316)

Will our shade sail sag?

No, poorly designed shade sails will sag, however LV Shadesails installations are designed to maximise lasting tautness.

Do you just do shade sails?

No, LV Shade & Shutters specialises in all shade structures - shade sails, retractable awnings, ZiptrakĀ® blinds, patio blinds, roller shutters and more.